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Ref # 240

Details: Wanted:
Iphone 2G
Iphone 3G
Iphone 3GS

Wanted by:

Name: Alastair Micallef - Email:
Phone: 99572649 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Part Time Waiter / Waitress at Ta'Vestru Restaurant

Ref # 239

Details: Waiter willing to work on weekends, fluent in both English and Maltese. Preferably with experience.

Wanted by:

Name: Chantelle Tabone - Email:
Phone: 79564589 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Job Vacancy

Ref # 238

Details: Looking for full time or part time carpenter. Preferebly full time with some experience and flexible working hours. Contact Philip Formosa on 99459436

Wanted by:

Name: Jolene Formosa - Email:
Phone: 99258544 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Part Time Staff Wanted

Ref # 237

Details: To work in a local fast food outlet.
Must be fluent in Maltese.
Call on 7770 1234

Wanted by:

Name: Sean Daly - Email:
Phone: 99424975 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Part time/ Full time Maid

Ref # 236

Details: We require the services of a maid to service/clean our b&b rooms and also to prepare breakfast, mainly during the busy summer months but also during the entire year.

You may contact us on: 79092780

Wanted by:

Name: Marlene Saliba - Email:
Phone: 79092780 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Situation Vacant

Ref # 235

Details: Wanted part time gardener in Gozo. For more info call 99486965

Wanted by:

Name: Joseph Muscat - Email:
Phone: 99486965 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Garage to Rent

Ref # 234

Details: Hi, Looking for garage to rent.
Space for 4-6 cars and enough height for a lift.
Wanted primarily to run courses for disabled and able-bodied kids to learn car maintained, repairs and adapting race cars. Anywhere on Gozo considered, ideally Ghajnsielem.
Thank you Mark and Debra Holt.
Please contact via email

Wanted by:

Name: Debra Holt - Email:
Phone: 79029493 - Location: Malta - Gozo

mitsubishi pajero 3dr manual

Ref # 233

Details: Wanted : Mitsubishi Pajero swb manual
year : 1993 - 1999
engine : 2.5 or 2.8 diesel
commercial or private
must be in good condition.
call or send sms on : 79321646

Wanted by:

Name: Andrew Attard - Email:
Phone: 79321646 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Lost Kitesurf board on Hondoq Beach

Ref # 232

Details: Hi, i forgot to pack my Kitesurf board (looks like a wakeboard or a single waterski|) when i left Hondoq Beach 4 days ago-am asking everywhere but it seems it has disappeared....if you hear anything please contact me. Reward offered

Wanted by:

Name: Goetz Scheffel - Email:
Phone: 79606066 - Location: Malta - Gozo

WANTED: Star Wars Lego

Ref # 231

Details: I am looking for used/second hand Star Wars Lego sets/characters for my kids for Christmas. If you have any old Star Wars Lego sets that your kids no long use, please call 999 444 80 ask for Nick

Wanted by:

Name: Dani Arnold - Email:
Phone: 99944480 - Location: Malta - Gozo

wrought iron front door gate (rixtellu) and skylight (valestrun)

Ref # 228


Wanted by:

Name: Anthony Zammit - Email:
Phone: 79617521 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Old staircase carrara marble cladding

Ref # 227

Details: I am interested in buying old bianco carrara marble which was used as cladding on old stone staircases. would also be interested in removing and carting away myself

Wanted by:

Name: Anthony Zammit - Email:
Phone: 79617521 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Mountain Bike

Ref # 220

Details: Wanted Mountain bike, good condition.sms 99862316

Wanted by:

Name: Emanuel Said - Email:
Phone: 99862316 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Job Vacancy - Housekeeper / Cleaner

Ref # 218

Details: We require the services of a cleaner to service/clean holiday apartments mainly during the busy summer months but also during the entire year.

Please contact:
Konrad Scicluna Mobile 99495700 Email:

Wanted by:

Name: Konrad Scicluna - Email:
Phone: 99495700 - Location: Malta - Gozo


Ref # 206

Details: Looking for a small chestfreezer
Any information pls pm me thanks

Wanted by:

Name: Ian Buttigieg - Email:
Phone: 99918111 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Job Vacancies

Ref # 203

Details: Job Vacancies: Looking for full time cashiers & part time cleaner
For further information send private msg

Wanted by:

Name: Denise Farrugia - Email:
Phone: 99802058 - Location: Malta - Gozo

Parts Wanted for Honda xl185s

Ref # 197

Details: Parts Wanted for Honda xl185s motor bike:

1) Sump guard metal plate
2) Rear indicators complete with brackets

Wanted by:

Name: Mario Cauchi - Email:
Phone: 79284580 - Location: Malta - Gozo