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Heart of Gozo l Il-Hagar Museum

Location: Saint George's Square, Victoria, VCT 1101 Gozo. - Email: info@heartof

Phone: +356 2155 7504 - Website:

More Details: The museum is located at St George’s Square, on the left-hand side of St George’s Basilica. It may be reached by a short walk from the public transport service located at Main Gate Street, and just a few metres from Independence Square.
The Fondazzjoni Belt Victoria was established in 1998 with the object of promoting the city of Gozo’s cultural identity and, in particular, of creating a Museum-cum-Cultural Centre in collaboration with St George’s basilica.

As projected, the Museum would not only exhibit treasures belonging to St George’s basilica but also other historical and cultural artefacts.

Over the years, the Fondazzjoni has been active in a range of cultural areas, including the publication of books and engravings, art exhibitions, book sales and music recitals.OPENING HOURS

MON-SUN 9AM - 5.30PM